The Most Important Rule


As Michaelbrent Collings said, "Writers write. That is the single defining characteristic of our profession." If we don't write, we can't call ourselves writers. Whatever you may learn from this blog or anywhere else, the most important rule is to write. If you leave my blog right now and start writing, I will consider my work done.

Of course, you may like to stay here and explore. To that end, I will be compiling a list of relevant posts on the Most Important rule here.

From My Blog
None yet! Check back later.

From Other Sources
Advice to Writers - Jenny Wingfield Interview "Read. Write. Read. Write. If you are moved by someone else’s work, study it to discover how they made the magic."
The Starved Writer - Stop Talking, Start Writing "If you have something you want to write, just write it. All the way through, non-stop, with no regard for quality or substance."
K. M. WeilandManifesto "You're a writer. Claim the title."

Note: "Most" and "Important" are capitalized to get you to pay attention. It's Important, after all. "Rule" is in lowercase because, after all, this is writing, and the rules are never set in stone. Not even this one. But that's no excuse! Go write! When you've made a million dollars you can break this rule, not before!