Monday, February 20, 2012


As we were driving through the falling snow Saturday, I was fascinated by the snow. Coming from a sunny area, I haven't had a chance to observe this phenomenon in detail. You see, the snow doesn't fall down, or left, or right like you'd expect it to.

No, it hurls itself bodily at the car, intent upon dashing itself to pieces on the windshield. Moments before it collides head-on with the fast-moving windshield, the wind currents snatch it from the jaws of death and sweep it up and over the car.

Protected from the danger of being crushed against the windshield, the snow flew onward, no doubt to test its luck against the next car, and I realized that this reckless abandonment to fate was part of what James A. Owen was talking about.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Achieving Goals Through Social Networking

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This is not the LTUE post I promised you (which is still coming over the weekend!), but it is related. James A. Owen's keynote address was inspiring, and it's motivated me to recommit to my goals, so in this post I'm going to go over my goals and what I am doing to accomplish them, finishing with my long-term goals. That's the coolest part, so you can skip all this and just read the ending two paragraphs if you like.

Social Networking Complications
One of the main hurdles I needed to surmount is the problem of where I am going to base my "self" - what do I link people to when they want to look me up? Ideally, I'd link people to this blog, but the URL is really long and difficult to remember, which is less than ideal.

After much consideration, I've finally decided that Twitter is going to be my center of attention. Everything will link to Twitter, and from Twitter I will post the most updates and link to the most information.