I am a college student majoring in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. I'm still in the process of deciding my minor, and I am currently writing a book called Heaven's Wrath, which can be found on DeviantArt. This blog is my semi-professional outlet, on which I will post philosophical rambles, updates on my work (when they're interesting enough), and pretty much anything else I want to. Follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on my news.

To hire me to proofread your work, see the Wordsmith page.

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My Locations
I refer to two places consistently in my blogging: my college town, and my city (where I'm originally from). I don't intend to share where either of them are, but I mention them here for the sake of clarity. Both locations are in the US, and I will use primarily US spelling, unless it involves the theatre. Right now I am in my city.

For the curious, The Idea of Home talks a lot about my various places of habitation.