Friday, March 23, 2012

The Lover Award

Imagine my surprise when a little bird told me that I had been nominated for an award. An award? Me? Really? What is this?

Apparently, there is a certain award called the Liebster Award, which my German-speaking friends tell me means "lover". I can only assume that when they named it this, they were referring to such synonyms as beloved, favorite, or dearest. I'm not sure how to feel about receiving the "Lover Award."

Nevertheless, received it I have! Feast your eyes on this beauty:

This is an award that was created to give love and attention to lesser-known blogs. It's designed to showcase those blogs who could fondly be considered "best-kept secrets," with under 200 followers. I am honored to have been nominated by Jeff Hargett of Strands of Pattern, and while I usually don't pass along these messages, it would be selfish of me not to in this case.

Besides, who can resist that pretty little heart?

First, of course, I must confess a heartfelt thanks to Jeff Hargett, whose beautiful prose is consistently far too eloquent to be called mere blogging. He infuses his blog with a spirit and a story that I wish I could sneak off with in the middle of the night. That he might consider my somewhat disjointed blog to be worth of the same award he himself has earned is to me.

Rules, cannot forget the rules.
  1. Thank the person that nominated you on your blog and link back to them.
  2. Nominate up to five other blogs for the award.
  3. Let them know via comment on their blog
  4. Post the award on your blog
Now I have to find more people who deserve this pretty little heart award and yet have escaped notice? I've got my work cut out for me.

In no particular order:
  1. * [asterisk], the insightful artist who will be guest blogging for me next Friday.
  2. Allie Writes, a sweet woman who manages to write and maintain a family at the same time.
  3. College Cooking Crash Course, one of the two sites I started following out of desperation to make my food cheaper and more interesting.
  4. Confessions of a College Cook, the other cooking site that has been helping me steadily improve my diet on a college student's 
  5. Anti-Rhythm, redefining the craft of a wordsmith.
One more thing: While doing research on this unexpected blessing, I discovered that I was nominated by Jeff on his blog post today, and that he was also nominated by Jack Flacco on this very day! I sense a streak going. Let's see if we can get anyone else to post today, shall we?

Update: I have found a fifth person who has less than 200 followers and I believe deserves this award! Visit Anti-Rhythm for the beauty of the language, if nothing else.


  1. What can I possibly say to that? Thank-you! (My wife keeps looking over here asking me why I've got "that grin" on my face.) You've made my day.

    - Jeff

    1. =D =D =D

      Glad to know I could make someone's day. ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, thanks Allie! Just wondering, will you be too terribly offended if I don't respond to the tag? Like I said, normally I don't participate in chain mail, even if it is fun. ^_^